Veeam President On The Cloud Opportunity, The AWS Threat And The Danger For Partners That Don't Move Fast Enough

'Some VARS Are Very Proactive In The Cloud. A Lot Of Them Are Not'

In his seven months as President and COO of Veeam, Peter McKay has recognized something about the disaster recovery and backup software firm's partner base: It's not embracing the cloud quickly enough.

Now, Veeam is making it clear that it is moving aggressively into the cloud, offering its disaster recovery and backup software as a service, and it wants its partners to come along. If they don't, McKay says, they risk being left behind. A new $200 million investment program helps Veeam "scour through our partners asking which ones want to help us in the cloud," and help them work with cloud providers to offer customers cash incentives to adopt a cloud strategy. "Some VARs are very proactive in the cloud. A lot of them are not," McKay said. "They feel like, 'I built a business on the perpetual license model and I'm going to delay that as long as I can.'"

What follows is an edited excerpt of McKay's conversation with CRN.

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