The Best And Worst Technology Company Stocks In The Third Quarter Of 2017


CEO: Jeff Jacobson

June 30, 2017: $28.73

Sept. 29, 2017: $33.29

Change: +15.87%

Xerox split into two companies effective Jan. 2, 2017, one named Xerox focused on printers and other document technology hardware with expected annual sales of $11 billion, and the other named Conduent providing business process outsourcing services with expected annual sales of $7 billion.

Xerox has implemented a pair of stock splits this year, including a 1518-for-1000 stock split on Jan. 3 and a one-for-four reverse stock split on June 14. The June 30, 2017 and Sept. 29, 2017 stock prices have been adjusted accordingly.

In August Xerox reported that in its second quarter ended June 30 revenue declined 8.1 percent to $2.57 billion from $2.79 billion in the same quarter one year earlier. Net income for the quarter was $166 million, up 5 percent from $158 million one year before.

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