The Best And Worst Technology Company Stocks In The Third Quarter Of 2017

Tableau Software

CEO: Adam Selipsky

June 30, 2017: $61.27

Sept. 29, 2017: $74.89

Change: +22.23%

In 2016 Tableau Software's stock recorded the biggest decline among the companies on our watch list, largely due to a big drop in its stock price early in the year on what analysts saw as weak guidance for future results. But this year the business analytics software company's stock has been recording some of the biggest gains among the companies we follow.

Tableau acquired ClearGraph, a startup developer of natural language technology, on Aug. 9 and said it would integrate ClearGraph's technology into Tableau's system. That will make it easier for people to interact with information by using conversational-style search to ask questions about data.

In August Tableau reported that in its second quarter ended June 30 revenue grew 7 percent year over year to $212.9 million from $198.5 million in the second quarter of 2016. The company also narrowed its loss to $42.5 million from $47.5 million one year before.

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