Lenovo ThinkAgile For Microsoft Azure Stack: 5 Key Points For Partners

ThinkAgile For Microsoft Azure Stack

Lenovo this month is releasing the ThinkAgile for Microsoft Azure Stack, a convergence appliance designed to give customers the convenience of public cloud with the control of on-premise offerings. It pits the Beijing, China-based data center upstart against legacy hardware vendors such as Dell EMC and Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Microsoft recently provided the third technical preview trial of Azure Stack and is expected to offer it as an appliance through Dell EMC, HPE and Lenovo beginning in mid-2017. Microsoft is expected to bring Azure Stack to other OEMs as well. Because it's offered as an appliance, the rationale goes, customers are able to focus on deploying cloud services rather than on infrastructure.

Lenovo does the vast majority of its business through the channel and said partners can pitch the ThinkAgile for Microsoft Azure Stack as a way to deploy cloud services from a customer's own data center. Here are five key points for partners about the appliance.

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