HP Channel Chief Dismore On The Risk Partners Face In Making Shift From Transactional To Contractual, HP University, And The Sales Impact From HP's Security Offensive

How fast is the transition from transactional to contractual happening in the market?

It is happening at a very fast pace. We see new players coming into the market and simply playing at a price level that takes away all the value you provide. As a VAR or distributor, if you can provide that value and talk about services not only is it a significant opportunity for as-a-service but it protects you from the diminishing returns you face as just a low-priced provider.

The key thing here is if you are the customer you want your partner to solve your problems. In fact, the better thing is to prevent the problems from happening. If you think about the as-a-service play, there are things that we can do collectively that will enable that -- things like security.

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