HP Channel Chief Dismore On The Risk Partners Face In Making Shift From Transactional To Contractual, HP University, And The Sales Impact From HP's Security Offensive

Talk about the contractual opportunity in the A3 copier replacement market.

The A3 [copier replacement] market is largely a contractual services market. That is a $55 billion market today. There is a huge opportunity as we look at the shift from transactional into contractual.

If you are largely a personal systems/systems integrator partner and you are able to understand the as-a-service play, there is no reason you can not only capture the personal systems as-a-service side but the print side as well. And vice versa: If you are an A3 partner and devices are moving to an as-a-service play, why not capture that PC business in a bundled solution with not only printing and supplies but also PCs?

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