HP Channel Chief Dismore On The Risk Partners Face In Making Shift From Transactional To Contractual, HP University, And The Sales Impact From HP's Security Offensive

How big a differentiator is the security offensive and the Security Advisory Board versus the competition?

It is significant. We are winning in the marketplace based on our innovation – not just on our products but on complete solutions. That is driven by insights. One of the first things we obviously see from those insights on the commercial side is security is the biggest issue customers face.

When you talk about the Security Advisory Board and how it benefits the partner community, it is hugely significant because we will have the cutting-edge advice, knowledge and transformational input to drive our innovation and provide our partners with the right level of information to talk to their customers.

We grew 11.6 percent year over year [in the most recent quarter]. In commercial we grew 11.2 percent and the market declined at 2.7 percent. Why? Because of our partners and our engagement with them and their execution. That is all driven by the innovation in our solutions, and security is a huge catalyst of that and our Security Advisory Board is just the next wave of what we are doing.

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