HP Channel Chief Dismore On The Risk Partners Face In Making Shift From Transactional To Contractual, HP University, And The Sales Impact From HP's Security Offensive


What is the next phase of reinvention?

The next phase is to let's continue to win in the core while changing how we go to market as the market changes. Let's understand the security threat. Let's make sure we are providing you innovation, tools, resources and programs so you can enable your sales force.

We have put together a Security Advisory Board to advise us within HP on how the threats are evolving and changing and what we need to do to build into our innovation. We are pulling together that Security Advisory Board so we can bring the latest and greatest information to our partner community that they can use with their sales force and in their sales tools to provide the right solutions to our customers and to really show the customers the value of the partner to bring in the right level of expertise, the right level of knowledge and to show the right solution.

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