HP Channel Chief Dismore On The Risk Partners Face In Making Shift From Transactional To Contractual, HP University, And The Sales Impact From HP's Security Offensive


HP Channel Chief Dismore On Making The Shift To Contractual Sales

Stephanie Dismore, HP's vice president and general manager, Americas channels, who is leading the charge to make Device-as-a-Service a reality in the channel, said partners staying pat with transactional product sales and not moving to the contractual as-a-service model are putting themselves at risk.

"The key message I would give to the channel community is you have to think of this shift as parallel paths," said Dismore in an exclusive interview with CRN. "You absolutely need to continue to streamline your transactional business because that absolutely is a significant amount of business, and I believe it will continue to be a significant amount of business. But the shift to contractual and as-a-service is happening."

Dismore, who drove the needle on HP's partner business over the past year from 80 percent to 87 percent of total sales, said partners must protect their “current business" and then drive growth in the contractual side of the business.

"You can have a bifurcated model where you can absolutely operate transactional but move and shift to a contractual model, whether that is DaaS [Device-as-a-Service] or MPS [Managed Print Services] or Instant Ink in the consumer world," she said.

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