Q&A: Cyberbit CEO On Shortage Of Expertise, And Why MSSPs Are Primed To Bridge The IT/OT Gap

Wave Of Opportunity

As the number of connected devices continue to rise – with Gartner predicting more than 20 billion connected devices by 2020 – Cyberbit CEO Adi Dar said the opportunity wave is just about to crest for managed security service providers that are able to help customers secure their IT and operational technology networks from attack. The two types of networks are converging, whether customers realize it or not, Dar said. He said it is up to MSSPs to provide SCADA security capabilities, as well as help customers gain visibility into the risks posed by their OT networks. The key, he said, will be educating customers in traditional IT markets as well as those in heavy industries about the importance of securing their OT assets. Take a look at what Dar said MSSPs have to do to capture the opportunity.

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