Q&A: Symantec CEO On DigiCert Deal And Partner Growth With Platform Security

Do you see the same cross-selling trends with partners that you saw with the business overall?

That's definitely coming through the partners also. We have got partners that are I would say at arms-length with us around Integrated Cyber Defense and we have others that we may be walking into customers with an affiliation with one point vendor or not. We integrate with point vendors and we think that's an important part of the ecosystem … You will win if you take our product in there ... We actually want the partners to really embrace our Integrated Cyber Defense story, even if they have an alternate product or piece of it. That's okay. We're very pro-partner in that and we have integrated plenty of our partners into that architecture in the past. If one of our partners or MSPs is wedded to some other stuff, that's okay. We definitely think over time we can increase their margins if they come over to an integrated strategy.

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