Q&A: Symantec CEO On DigiCert Deal And Partner Growth With Platform Security

Symantec just reported earnings – what were some of the key highlights?

We have been very focused in our enterprise segment on what we call Integrated Cyber Defense. That's really about bringing together the combination of the endpoint, the network, cloud stacks, and the great things we have … In the quarter we saw fantastic uptake on that Integrated Cyber Defense story. We are seeing many more multi-product that wouldn't have been there if it was just Blue Coat or just Symantec… We are extremely excited about what we have done and our pipeline around that because it really saves our customers a lot of energy, which allows us to go after other problems in cyber defense. For example, if you buy our web security stack in the cloud and you need a cloud access broker and you need data protection and you need some multi-factor authentication, you don't have to do any of that integration. The customer gets to take some of their budget back, and then they can do other things with that. We are extremely excited about our Integrated Cyber Defense story and how that is tracking.

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