Q&A: Sophos CEO On WannaCry Ransomware, New Products And Double-Digit Security Growth


Do you see customers looking to be more proactive around ransomware, even if they weren't hit by WannaCry?

Absolutely. Something like WannaCry and all of the prominent coverage it's receiving ends up serving as a pretty clear wake-up call to the world to make IT security a top priority and to redouble our efforts to get the basics right, including making sure that you have modern operating systems, that you are patching and updating those operating systems, that you have the latest next-generation forms of protection that explicitly focus on things like ransomware, and that you take a layered defense approach where you have multiple security technologies acting as a system. We call that synchronized security, where you have multiple defenses acting in layers so you can protect yourself in multiple steps. It's just another reminder that these are the kinds things that any size organization needs to make a priority to make sure they are protected and managing their security effectively.

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