Q&A: Sophos CEO On WannaCry Ransomware, New Products And Double-Digit Security Growth


What do you think the impact WannaCry will have on the SMB and midmarket?

The truth is something like WannaCry is compatibly indiscriminate with respect to the size of the organization. The cybercriminals who launched WannaCry, there is some growing evidence that some cybercriminal originally intended to set a few isolated brush fires to collect some money from it and then unwittingly unleashed a global wildfire that actually burned his own house down. As that spread all over the world with increasing velocity, it affected organizations of every size, in every country, in every vertical. It's completely indiscriminate. We don’t really see any distinction between it affecting the large enterprise more than midmarket – it just went out and hit anyone it could. If you were protected you were fine, and if you weren't it wreaked havoc.

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