Q&A: Sophos CEO On WannaCry Ransomware, New Products And Double-Digit Security Growth

You launched Intercept X last fall – what sort of traction are you seeing for that?

Intercept X has obviously been an extraordinary grower. I mentioned that we launched it in September. It's a fully next-generation endpoint solution, obviously focused on anti-exploit and anti-ransomware. It's all signature-less and all next-generation. We're now one of the clear leaders in the market in next-generation endpoint. We probably now have more customers than the next two or three pure-play next-generation endpoint players combined. We have probably 8,000 customers in just two quarters. That has just a dramatic growth rate. What's interesting is that when we launched Intercept X in September, if you think about some of those other next-generation endpoint companies, most of them sell almost exclusively to the very large enterprise. We focus very much on small and midmarket enterprises. There was a lot of question if next-generation endpoint, because it is complicated and generates a lot of [false positives], so we ended up architecting a solution that is managed inside Sophos Central so it is cloud managed, it is simple, it has very low [false positive rates], and it just works. As a result, it has just been a huge hit with our channel and with our target user base. That is a real growth driver.

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