Q&A: Sophos CEO On WannaCry Ransomware, New Products And Double-Digit Security Growth

What sort of growth did you see for the Sophos Central platform?

One of the key drivers for that [partner growth] is the Sophos Central platform. Sophos Central is a single, integrated cloud-based management platform for our entire product portfolio … The growth in that platform has just been stunning. Over the past few years, on annual basis it has gone from $1 million, to $8 million, to $27 million, to the year we just finished with $88 million. We now have over 45,000 customers on Sophos Central. Partners love it because they are now starting to use Sophos Central as platform for them to become MSPs in their own right, manage across multiple customers, and enhance cross-sell and up-sell. What's really interesting is that it not only allows partners to drive additional topline billings by bringing in new customers and doing more cross-sell and up-sell, but it also helps margin as well because they can manage across all those customers remotely … It's turning out to be a real hit.

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