Q&A: Sophos CEO On WannaCry Ransomware, New Products And Double-Digit Security Growth


What kind of growth are you seeing around the Sophos partner community?

Year over year, we grew from about 20,000 total partners last year to about 30,000 partners this year. So, pretty substantial growth there. We also grew our Blue Chip partners – what we call our most active partners – from around 4,700 to 6,100. Those are partners who generated at least five transactions in the last six months. What we're seeing happen is several things in parallel. One, we're recruiting more partners overall. No. 2, we're turning more of the partners that we have into active and productive partners. And, No. 3, those partners who are active and productive are finding a way to help themselves sell more to both new customers and cross-selling and up-selling to existing customers.

What kind of growth are you seeing around managed service provider partners in particular?

Managed services is really taking off for us. Part of it is Sophos Central itself and part of it is we are continuing to invest aggressively in our managed services program. It has one of the highest growth rates in the company. It’s a rocket ship at the moment.

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