Channel Stalwart Ken Archer On His Exec Role At Nectar, The Red Hot UC Market And Making The Most Of Microsoft, Cisco Relationships

What changes in customer behavior and habits do partners have to navigate when it comes to selling a platform like Nectar's?

Customers want to buy based on business outcomes. They don't want to buy anymore on features and benefits. In order to change your sales methodology for both direct sales and for your partners, you have to have proof points. You can talk about all the things you can do to improve outcomes, whether it's increasing revenue, increasing customers, improve customer satisfaction. Ultimately, the customer will want to know where have you done this before with a customer like us, and ideally, in the industry we're in. Therefore, you have to have sales assets that come in the form of customer presentations that are customizable; references; use cases; whitepapers. There are a number of different things you can make available to your partner sales force so they can feel comfortable, be on their toes and say we can help you transform. We can help you with the business outcome goals you have because we have done it before.

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