Channel Stalwart Ken Archer On His Exec Role At Nectar, The Red Hot UC Market And Making The Most Of Microsoft, Cisco Relationships

What's the revenue potential for partners with Nectar?

The revenue margin is better with Nectar than with any alternative out there. We built it for the channel. That is our route to market. We do have a subscription servers, a monthly recurring revenue type of model, and that model is very attractive to partners. Most partners do have an exit strategy, and the more monthly recurring revenue they have or maintenance revenue, the multiple on those types of businesses is four or five times what it is for a pure hardware reseller where you're going to get 1X revenue. The attractiveness at the front end for sales reps and owners is significant. The margins are high. Down the road, as owners look to exit the business or get maximum value for the companies, having that monthly recurring revenue and maintenance revenue is significant.

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