CRN Interview: Star2Star, Blueface CEO Foy On Channel Commitment, Double-Digit Growth Hopes And Outmaneuvering Mitel

How does the merger improve each company's position versus competitors like Mitel?

The key thing is for our global peers to know we're coming. We have a huge commitment to technology and innovation and R&D. Fast-moving companies are innovating rapidly, and we're innovating rapidly. For the channel to know that we're are constantly going to stay ahead of the curve and really ahead of our peers in terms of product and solutions is really important. A lot of our peers in the marketplace have become like big oil tankers that are very resistant to change and are not as fast as they need to be in terms of deploying new offerings, and that's a real differentiator. We have a combined workforce in excess of 500 people. The really, really cool thing is that we now have the full breadth of talent on our team to really challenge our offerings and make sure we're constantly bringing best-in-class offerings to the channel. And we need to think ahead about what does the channel need that they don't yet know they need. We're listening to them and working with them to figure out what that is.

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