CRN Interview: Star2Star, Blueface CEO Foy On Channel Commitment, Double-Digit Growth Hopes And Outmaneuvering Mitel

Do you have any projections for how rapidly the combined company can grow?

The growth rates in Europe are quite strong right now. In many respects, Europe is a number of years behind North America in terms of adoption of telecommunications more broadly, so we're seeing strong growth in Europe broadly and in Asia PAC. Overall, where we see a lot of growth is the traditional SMB space and equally in enterprise and wholesale. On that side of things we're seeing quite a significant uptick in interest and sales. In enterprise and strategic wholesale, being a global player is vital. It's really important to these guys that you can deliver a localized experience and operate off of one global platform. That's very much at the center of what we're trying to achieve with this merger.

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