Silver Peak CEO On VMware-VeloCloud 'Uncertainty,' Cisco-Viptela And SD-WAN Market Consolidation Ahead

What was VMware's need to acquire VeloCloud?

As far as VeloCloud and VMware go, lots of different things fall under the SD-WAN category. When you dissect it a little bit, each SD-WAN solution is actually quite different and often has a different set of use cases. In contrast to us, where we focus on the enterprise use case and router replacement use case, VeloCloud was more focused on service providers and had hub-based architecture where traffic is drawn in from a remote location to a hub. That's somewhat different from the other players. It let them get an early foothold in some service providers, especially carrying voice-over broadband for some voice-based service providers. It will be interesting to see where it leads now that they're acquired by VMware. VeloCloud has a stronger service provider go-to-market, VMware has a stronger enterprise go-to-market. How those two match up I'm not too sure.

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