ThousandEyes CEO Talks Cisco ISR Integration, The Need For Partners Helping Customers Move Forward In 'A Cloud-Centric Environment'

Can you give me a use case with Cisco and ThousandEyes?

The vision of this one partner is ThousandEyes packaged into every single ISR that goes out to their customers. Because with that, they can turn ThousandEyes on -- there's a software switch -- and within seconds get a comprehensive view of the entire customer network topology internally as well as externally going out to all the cloud vendors. So they're empowered to suddenly manage the customer environment and have this holistic view on a customer environment that they never had before. 

If you have Cisco ISRs on your branch office, you can literally run it as a container, turn it on -- it's a very low footprint -- and it gives you a management lens. Cisco partners that want to give their customer an extended level of service and a higher level of visibility, we're a great company to work with.

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