ThousandEyes CEO Talks Cisco ISR Integration, The Need For Partners Helping Customers Move Forward In 'A Cloud-Centric Environment'

You've integrated with Cisco Integrated Services Routers and Aggregation Services Routers. Talk about your Cisco relationship.

We have a close partnership with Cisco and have been working very closely with their enterprise routing team as well as other different groups as well. The ThousandEyes data collection agents sit on the ISR 4000 [series] now. … Cisco with ThousandEyes can become more of a management platform; it's not just a router. So with a third-party application sitting on top giving customers an extended view of their network environments, [this] really uncovers the boundaries of what is in your environment and the internet. It's a really good win with Cisco, and for us as well because of the ISR footprint.

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