ThousandEyes CEO Talks Cisco ISR Integration, The Need For Partners Helping Customers Move Forward In 'A Cloud-Centric Environment'

What was the genesis of ThousandEyes?

We saw the internet had become the backbone of the enterprise. This industry of network management was built around a control environment -- that assumption was out the window. We saw the gap. We realized you needed a clean slate approach to build something for today's environment where control is not really a reality. We're based on the premise that you're operating in a world that you really can't predict what you depend on and where the application sits, but you still need to manage these environments. We took it upon ourselves to make sure that we can provide something that can make them realize that they can actually be in control in these internet-centric environments.

With ThousandEyes, we essentially make enterprises feel like their Office 365 application is actually sitting inside their data center and help them really understand what is going on.

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