ThousandEyes CEO Talks Cisco ISR Integration, The Need For Partners Helping Customers Move Forward In 'A Cloud-Centric Environment'

What market trends spurred 100 percent bookings growth for ThousandEyes in your fiscal year 2017?

There are a few trends that are really challenging the market and exposing the need for something like ThousandEyes. One is cloud, Infrastructure as a Service, and all of that. The other thing we've seen is customers are moving away from these dedicated MPLS environments into more internet-connected branches. When you do that, you are relying on the internet as a backbone, which is unmanaged. We can provide a lens -- almost like a Google Maps view -- of exactly what portion of this public environment is being used, where the congestion might be, how the connectivity is changing, and everything you need to know to instantly be able to get on top of performance issues.

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