Peak 10 Closed Its $1.67B ViaWest Acquisition: Here's How The Deal Is Benefiting Partners

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In the crowded cloud market, what differentiates Peak 10 + ViaWest's cloud services?

A lot of hyperscale players [like AWS] provide part of the solution, but the majority of customers are taking hybrid [approaches], and we are very uniquely positioned to serve hybrid. We offer the cloud application layer, private cloud, [Disaster Recovery as a Service] DRaaS, and we have the physical infrastructure.

Legacy ViaWest was really big into security and compliance, and ViaWest has done a really good job of positioning themselves as a company that can help with security. Peak 10 is about disaster recovery. This hurricane season has been horrible, and people are wondering if their data is really protected and set up correctly. We can help with all of that. Our partners can walk in and ask what clients are doing around security for cloud apps and disaster recovery. We are doing is training sessions with interested partners through masters and allowing them to learn how to start conversations around these topics.

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