Cisco CEO Robbins On 'Severe' Competition, WannaCry Attack, Political Uncertainty And More

WannaCry Global Ransomware Attack

"Customers are going to leverage next generation technology that you're going to see us deliver over the coming quarters. Much like what we saw with the security [WannaCry] issue over the weekend, customers are going to need deep automation, greater analytics, and insights from their infrastructure, and they're going to need security embedded in the network," Robbins said.

Additionally, during Cisco's earnings call on Wednesday Robbins said, "Last week's WannaCry ransomware attack was another example of the devastating impact cybercrime can inflict on individuals, companies and countries around the world. Since Friday's attack, our Talos Cyberthreat Intelligence Team has been working around-the-clock to dissect the WannaCry ransomware, understand its attack patterns and keep our customers protected."

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