CRN Exclusive: CenturyLink Execs Detail New Channel Focus, Plans To Bring Top IT Vendors To Its Telecom Partners

How does Ascend impact CenturyLink's smaller channel partners?

Corbin: Those that are happy with a lifestyle business and they want to do 'x' dollars, that's great too, we want those partners. But we're not going to spend the same kind of money on them that we're going to spend on the Diamond partners, or the Platinum partners.

It's been very well received. It's virtually been rolled out to every partner at this point. We had a lot of small partners that did very little business. Maybe they did $60,000 a year or something like that. You know, it's very expensive to manage those partners. So what we're doing, we're rolling those up into a master. So giving a little more breadth and depth to the master agents, and giving the [smaller partners] more personal touch because the masters can do that.

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