CRN Exclusive: CenturyLink Execs Detail New Channel Focus, Plans To Bring Top IT Vendors To Its Telecom Partners

How do those four routes to market work together?

Corbin: I have a great example. We have an account that is managed by our channel partners up in Northern California that needs some specific help with software development. So we're now integrating them with our Software Alliance. Now together they will manage the account. We'll probably see a ten-fold increase in revenue because we've integrated the two routes to market to work on the account together. …

Hurley: I think the Software Alliance in particular is one of the areas I'm very excited about because it's a channel in and of itself. But it is also a message to the world that says, 'We are not going to try and build everything ourselves. We are going to do what we do best around the network, and then we're going to bring in partners to help solve our customers' business problems, whether it's through a channel or it's a direct relationship with a customer.'

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