CRN Exclusive: CenturyLink Execs Detail New Channel Focus, Plans To Bring Top IT Vendors To Its Telecom Partners

What else does Level 3 bring CenturyLink?

Hurley: The Level 3 acquisition puts us in 350 metros. That's a lot of metros. Puts us in 60 countries, a lot of countries. It puts us in a very strong presence in Europe, very strong presence in Latin America, 75,000 lit buildings that we now have access to, as a combined entity. So if I'm a partner, and I'm attached to CenturyLink today, and I know that's coming in six months, I'm a pretty excited person right now. I would think you'd be a pretty excited person. …

Although the channel may not be as strong, the relationships, the customer relationships Level 3 has, are very good, well respected, solid relationships. Well respected in the industry. I think that our partners will really enjoy being able to participate in that.

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