CES 2018: The Best Of The Best

Dell XPS 13

Dell used CES 2018 to show off its newly launched XPS 13 laptop, which has gotten a full redesign for the first time in three years. The results are extraordinary: While the previous XPS 13 was already one of our favorite laptops, Dell has managed to significantly improve the portability of the computer while also making it more powerful and durable. The new XPS 13 uses Intel's eighth-generation Core processors, promises up to nearly 20 hours of battery life and offers a 4K option for the convertible, narrow-bezel display. Regarding portability, the XPS 13 is now 24 percent smaller in overall volume -- measuring just 0.46 of an inch thick, compared to the previous 0.6 of an inch thick. Meanwhile, a new white color option for the interior of the laptop is made from woven glass fiber, which is UV-resistant and stain resistant. The palm rest, in fact, is cleanable; a demo showed that even a Sharpie smudge could be easily cleaned off. The starting price for the new XPS 13 is $1,000, and the laptop is available now.

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