CES 2018: The Best Of The Best

Glowforge 3-D Laser Printer

A new era of 3-D printing -- using all manner of materials -- is kicking off with the arrival of the Glowforge 3-D Laser Printer. The Glowforge expands 3-D printing beyond plastic to include materials such as wood, leather, acrylic, paper, and fabric. The printer breaks new ground by using laser cutting and engraving to shape the materials into the desired state. For our demo at CES, the Glowforge cut a custom luggage tag that replicated a scanned image of our handwriting. The highly versatile printer opens up a broad range of new possibilities to designers -- such as creating customized leather satchels and hardwood laptop skins, for example. And demand is surging for the printer, which starts at $4,000, with Glowforge reporting $70 million in sales in two years.

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