5 Reasons The iPhone 8 Is A Worthy Upgrade

Hands On

For Apple fans ready for an iPhone upgrade, the iPhone 8 is still worth considering even with the upcoming release of a redesigned model, the iPhone X. My review of the iPhone 8 can be summed up in one word: dependable. That's by no means a putdown. The main stuff I wanted to see addressed did get an improvement over my previous model, the iPhone 6S. Meanwhile, features that are essential to me -- but that are disappearing with the iPhone X -- remain firmly in place on the 8. All around, the iPhone 8 is a strong choice for anyone that loves their current iPhone but would appreciate some tweaks--as well as for anyone who's not thrilled with the $999 price tag on the iPhone X.

What follows are the CRN Test Center's top five reasons that the iPhone 8 is a worthy upgrade.

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