HP Personal Systems President Coughlin On The Growing PC Business, Why HP Is Taking Share From Apple And The 'Massive' Device-As-A-Service Shift

Driving Sales Growth And Beating Apple With Better Products

HP Personal Systems President Ron Coughlin, who is receiving plaudits for delivering what partners say is the coolest and most stylish product portfolio in the PC business, spoke with CRN about HP's big market share gains in the first quarter.

HP was the only major PC vendor gaining first-quarter shipment share in the U.S. market, beating Dell, which finished second,  Lenovo, which finished third, and even Apple, which finished fourth, in the PC market share battle, according to market researcher Gartner.

Coughlin, who spent four years as a chief marketing officer with PepsiCo before coming to HP, says one of the secrets to beating Apple has been HP's ability to listen to and "understand customers" at a level that is not "normal" for the PC industry.

"If you look at Apple innovation it hasn't been keeping up with what customers are looking for," Coughlin told CRN. "That is why we are gaining share."

Coughlin spoke with CRN about the company's stellar first quarter results with 10 percent sales growth, why HP is taking share from Apple, and the massive device-as-a-service shift.

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