Are You Shipping Or Packing Lithium-Ion Batteries? Here Are 7 Things You Need To Know


For the time being, the U.S. Postal Service allows transport of standalone lithium-ion battery by aircraft. Packages can contain a maximum of two batteries and must include special markings. The Postal Service also allows shipping of electronic devices containing lithium-ion batteries (or batteries packed with equipment).

However, new rules have been proposed that could be adopted within the next few months. Since the Postal Service is a quasi-public agency, it's not subject to the Trump Administration's freeze on new regulations, Richard said. These proposed rules include a ban on transport of lithium-ion battery packages on aircraft. That means that ground transport could soon be the only option for shipping the batteries via the USPS, which could affect shipping times. There may be exceptions made for remote locations, however, the USPS said in an email to CRN.

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