DXC EVP Mike Nefkens And CTO Dan Hushon On The AWS Opportunity, HPE Relationship And Competing Against Global Systems Integrators

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What major vendors will HPE Enterprise Services customers be getting more access to?

Nefkens: The best example I like to give is Amazon Web Services. Because of the relationship HPE has with Microsoft, HPE Services was much slower to adopt Amazon Web Services than CSC was. 

CSC has an amazing relationship with both AWS and Microsoft. And what we're going to see is much more of a balancing of those two in our portfolio, versus where beforehand, we were probably 90-10 on the HPE side with Microsoft versus Amazon. I would tell you that CSC is much more 50-50. So we're just going to see more balance and more choice for our customers, which creates a healthier environment, meaning that we're going to be able to ensure both quality and price for our customers. 

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