Schneider Electric Partners Find Opportunities And Roadblocks With IoT In The Industrial Market

Schneider Electric's Partner IoT Roundtable

During Schneider Electric's Innovation Summit in San Antonio, Texas, an array of channel partners met during an exclusive roundtable with CRN to discuss what kinds of opportunities they see with Internet of Things solutions.

"I guess the point is when we have these conversations – one of my elements to it is, IoT is a thing, but for our customers on the digital journey, it didn’t start till now," said Paul Shelton, global director of software channel management at Schneider Electric. "All that wired infrastructure has been in place a long time. … But what's new and different now is how easy it is, and that's one of our messages to our customers … this is not a new capital expenditure project."

The roundtable included Michael Grasley, VP of technology and marketing at Callisto Integration, Darren Kline, vice president at Wonderware North, Luigi De Bernardini, CEO of Autoware. Following are excerpts from a roundtable discussion with these channel partners about the opportunities of IoT in the industrial market.

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