10 Blockbuster Acquisitions That Helped Companies Get Ahead In IoT In 2017

Altair – Carriots

Altair, a software provider for computer aided engineering (CAE), in July announced it acquired a Madrid-based IoT platform developer, Carriots. Carriots touts its platform-as-a-service as giving customers the ability to develop a proof-of-concept for their IoT applications, and then scale their devices for vertical applications.

Altair said that by combining Carriots with its other CAE offerings, it will be able to provide a full product lifecycle management software lineup for designing and managing IoT applications. Terms of the acquisition were not revealed.

“As connectivity and intelligence become part of almost everything with which we interact, performance optimization has evolved to be a continuous process throughout a product’s lifecycle,” said Altair founder and CEO James Scapa in a statement.

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