Beer Taps, Deep Fryers And BBQ Smokers: 5 Unique Ways MSPs Are Using LogicMonitor To Enable IoT

Pushing The IoT Envelope

LogicMonitor has been pleasantly surprised at the unique ways its channel partners are using its SaaS-based performance monitoring platform to drive net new Internet of Things sales.

"We're beginning to see very creative usage of LogicMonitor. There's an emerging IoT story with our platform," said David Powell, general manager of LogicMonitor's service provider business. "We're an infrastructure monitoring platform, but if you abstract that out by one layer, we catch data and render it beautifully in a dashboard and correlate it to other forms of data ... MSPs keep pushing the envelope around, 'Hey can we monitor this?' Can we monitor that?'"

With the ability to monitor both legacy and new technologies either on-premise or in the cloud through a single platform, LogicMonitor is expanding the universe of what MSPs can do for customers.

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