Samsung Enterprise IoT VP: 'We Can't Succeed Without Our Partners' In IoT

Samsung's IoT Strategy: Problem Solving, Not Products

As more vendors begin to invest in the Internet of Things, Samsung is powering ahead to stay at the forefront of the market.

The company in 2015 announced a new platform for managing and maintaining devices connected to the Internet of Things – Artik – and in 2016 said that it would dish out $1.2 billion in four years for IoT-related research and start-ups.

But behind Samsung's sweeping IoT announcements, the company has been hard at work growing a channel that is equipped to bring IoT solutions to vertical markets. And the number one priority behind these solutions, Samsung Vice President of IoT Enterprise Ed Abrams told CRN, is not the actual technology itself – but problem-solving.

Following are excerpts of CRN's conversation with Abrams.

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