IoT Channel Chronicles: 10th Magnitude Teams Up With Microsoft To Secure Medical Supplier's IoT Solution

10th Magnitude Pushes Internet of Things Security

Microsoft is looking to its channel partners to bring its Azure IoT Suite's security services to customers deploying Internet of Things applications through a new Security Program for Azure IoT. And one of its partners, Chicago-based 10th Magnitude, is amping up its IoT security strategy. As part of the program, 10th Magnitude has developed a security framework within its IoT practice. 10th Magnitude's IoT security audit involves an evaluation phase, including threat modeling, cloud assessments, encryption reviews, and authentication reviews; a training phase, which trains the customer for remote monitoring, data analysis and remediation planning; and a remediation phase, which provides solutions to identified risks.

CRN sat down with Mark Johnson, cloud solution architect, and Brian Blanchard, vice president of cloud solutions at 10th Magnitude. Here are excerpts from the conversation.

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