CRN IoT Roundtable: Closing The Door On The 'Open Invitation' To Hackers

What's the opportunity in IoT security for your channel partners? Can partners make money from securing IoT devices?

Bradicich: So the technology partner helps us to fill in gaps and create the end-to-end solution, if you will. … So, we need technologies to help us there from security like a startup, Spark Cognition, they do anomaly and fraud, and also hostile security detection. And that's a startup, as an example. All the way to very large partners, with products and services that help us with that area. Recently we just did a press release that Tata Consultancy Services in India, we're going to build smart cities with them, so they are a systems integrator and a channel partner. And we have the Universal IoT Platform, which is a software product that runs primarily in the cloud, and it manages cellular and mobile networks, and does device configuration and does analytics on those devices and employs security on those devices. So that will be a smart city initiative that will start with India, because it's the obvious location.

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