CRN IoT Roundtable: Closing The Door On The 'Open Invitation' To Hackers

What does the challenge of security mean for potential IoT customers?

Bradicich: We are selling tremendous amounts of servers into clouds that are taking on IoT data. So in many ways, this is a business-as-usual approach. We literally don't have to invent new security, we don't have to invent new opportunities. We just have to get the correct assets together to make that investment. That doesn't mean that anything we've said is invalidated by that, but this idea that it's way in the future is totally contrary [to what I] personally, and my team, are in right now. And I think the biggest risk to IoT is taking the risk of not employing IoT in your business. That's the biggest risk. There's great security products, even from my competitors as well as my colleagues, as well as my own company out there. We can handle that. It has to be done. So the whole idea that leveraging existing assets and the strategies that we put together for my company, one of the points was leverage it, if not take a page out of our colleagues' and competitors' book, and just call it IoT. Because IoT has achieved celebrity status. And there's nothing wrong with that, because it applies to IoT.

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