CRN IoT Roundtable: Closing The Door On The 'Open Invitation' To Hackers

What does the challenge of security mean for potential IoT customers?

DeBell: Well, if you look at a hockey stick of the new devices that are coming online, and they talk about industries and areas of the business that have new devices every day coming online, and there are areas tracking or targeting a problem, they're going to put that on the actual manufacturing floor and actually go through the process and the steps to go there.

The challenge that you run into is the manufacturers are not necessarily thinking about security when they go to that. If you're thinking home automation for audio/visual, or just the stuff in a normal conference room, that's not usually the primary focus. The primary focus has been, in the past, 'Let's get a good product out that actually delivers.' We're seeing a lot of those manufacturers come back to us and say, "We want to get on your list. We want to know.' So, I can't put a number on it. But what I will tell you is the amount and the explosiveness of the new devices that are coming online, it's going to continue to be a problem, and it continues to grow faster. It's horrible.

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