CRN IoT Roundtable: Closing The Door On The 'Open Invitation' To Hackers

How are you approaching the IoT security market as a whole? What is your strategy for IoT security?

Tom Bradicich: Todd is correct. Security is essential. … I think it's not led with in many ways, it's a lot like air, food, and water. It's absolutely essential, but it's not the essence of what you're doing. It's a way to manage what you're doing in a way that it doesn't get messed up, either by an anomaly or a hostile attack, and that's why we [HPE] recently purchased Niara, a company that has anomaly detection and analytics. So, I want to underscore the importance – and no one product does it all – there's a ton of opportunity out there of different types of anomaly, whether it be hostile or just failures, to be detected and acted upon, as well. When you take yourself out and away from home, you're more vulnerable. So this idea that we send data way back to the cloud, we send it across the states, across the ocean, combined with the fact that we're connecting more and more things, the vulnerability goes up and the risk goes up. And it's absolutely crucial.

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