CRN IoT Roundtable: Closing The Door On The 'Open Invitation' To Hackers

How are you approaching the IoT security market as a whole? What is your strategy for IoT security?

Todd DeBell: The piece we really transcend over [with IoT] is the security piece. It's going back and saying, 'Look, we're going to be a focused, nimble, small organization that is tackling a large problem in this order.'

No matter if it's oil and gas, no matter if it's shop floor and you're worried about the cost of a piece of equipment failing or providing defective output, it is a situation that, at the end of the day, if it's not secure and that's hacked, or used in an attack similar to what we had back in the third quarter and fourth quarter, where cameras were used in the network. And that's a great way to get to other spots of internal attacks as well as external attacks. So it's an agentless, very simple process on our side that our network or customers or channel partners are seeing. But it's a scenario that's an important and critical step in the process. If it's not secure and it's out there, it becomes an open invitation for hackers or open invitation for stuff that you don't want to happen.

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