CRN Exclusive: Arrow President On New IoT Partner Program, Pursuing Tech Data-Avnet TS Solution Providers

How are Arrow's capabilities differentiated from the Tech Data-Avnet TS combination?

I would clearly point to an end-to-end portfolio. We talk about line card capabilities including engineering and sales enablement basically from the sensor to the end to life or sunset of a technology. There is no other pure-play, value-based distributor that can stitch together a selling motion that starts with an intelligent device, takes it all the way to the data platform be that on-premise or off, and then ultimately has a viable solution for not just supporting that device during its active life, but also addressing its reverse logistics and end-of-life needs. I don't think you can show me anybody else that can play on an end-to-end basis addressing all of those customer and ecosystem needs at any scale.

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