Dell Technologies CEO Michael Dell On Channel Sales Growth, The Benefits Of Being Privately Held And The Security Market's 'Dirty Little Secret'

Talk about how you have aligned Dell EMC, VMware and the other Dell Technologies companies.

We've created this idea to strategically align businesses. The basic idea is that there is an enormous amount that Dell EMC does with VMware and also with Pivotal, SecureWorks, RSA and Virtustream that they should be strategically aligned and that is essentially what we have done. When we started the integration planning over two years ago, there were some conflicts that existed in the prior structure.

The first thing we did is say, how do we resolve those, and then let's talk about growth and how we get the sales teams and technology aligned, and let's go in as a family. Our customers have some version of the following opportunity. There's the digital transformation, the workforce transformation and security transformation and across the Dell tech family we have a unique and unparalleled portfolio of capabilities to address those problems, opportunities and challenges that the customers have. And as we elevate the discussion to that level, we are winning big.


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