Dell Technologies CEO Michael Dell On Channel Sales Growth, The Benefits Of Being Privately Held And The Security Market's 'Dirty Little Secret'

What are some of the smaller acquisitions you've made that have surprised you in terms of their success?

We talk a lot about Dell EMC and VMware because those are the big ones, but Pivotal is growing 100 percent per year and that is super interesting. It has hundreds of customers today with the Pivotal Container Service, along with VMware, and that opportunity will go wide open. SecureWorks is doing quite well,and they are starting to do more and more with the channel. Then we have another business called Boomi, which is cloud data integration and workflow. In multi-cloud world you can't find a customer that doesn’t need Boomi. There are some partners that have spun up businesses only around Boomi. That is a business that I think will likely grow quite a lot.


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